Green Internode #1

Mixed Media Sculpture

Posted Jun 1, 2014
Last Updated Dec 3, 2019

Green Internode #1
Mixed Media
3 feet in diameter
Materials Used: Rolled cardboard that has been "fire" sculpted. Paint, dye, salt, cotton swabs, plaster, and various fabric.

Nodes are plant structures which hold buds that grow into one or more leaves, conifer cones, roots, stems, or flowers. Internodes are the in between structures that distance one node from another. Green Internode #1 was inspired by the natural structures called internodes that are readily found in many plant structures. This piece consists of hundreds of individual cardboard pieces that have been fire sculpted, painted, and sprinkled with dyed salt and oatmeal to create an organic looking sculptural piece. Sprouting out of the tops of many of the individual pieces are various buds which consist of dyed and painted cotton swabs, cotton swab sticks, polyfil, and paper.


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