Polyp #1

Posted Apr 26, 2012
Polyp #1
Mixed Media
4' x 6' 

A sedentary animal characterized by a fixed base, column like body, and a free end with mouth and tentacles. Polyps tend to be cylindrical in shape and elongated along the axis of their bodies.   
The external form of the polyp varies from species to species. The column may be long and slender, or may be short, causing the body to appear almost disk-like. The tentacles at the ends of the column, may be long and threadlike, or short, looking more like knobs or warts. The tentacles may be simple and unbranched, or their patterns may appear feathery.

Polyps tend to reproduce asexually by the method of budding. In many cases the buds do not separate from the parent but remain in continuity with it, forming colonies which can grow quite large. Minute differences in the method of budding create the variations witnessed in the colonies. The reef-building corals are an example of polyp colonies.

Materials used: 

Various tubes such as: toilet paper tubes, paper towel tubes, gift wrapping tubes, etc.
Epsom salt, table salt, oatmeal. Acrylic paint and various fabric dyes. Various types of yarn, fabric softener sheets, cotton fill, cotton swabs, and various other pieces of fabric. Also used is paper, tissue paper, and plaster.


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