Brown and Rust Polyp #1

Posted Apr 26, 2012
Brown and Rust Polyp #1
Mixed Media: Cardboard tubes, paint, dye, salt, oatmeaL, cotton swabs.
2' x 2'

The following is a short stop action video I made of one of my "polyp" art pieces being assembled. Over the coarse of several months I made the close to two hundred tubes which comprise this 2' x 2' art piece. Over the course of a day, I assembled this piece taking a picture for each piece I added to the assemblage. 

Not having a studio or much money means I have to get by on a shoestring budget. I used a regular point and shoot "tourist" camera, a couple of natural light light-bulbs, and some poster board for a background. The change in light near the last quarter of the video is when I closed the garage door due to the sun setting.


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Anna Kosc

Apr 3, 2014

This is so insanely beautiful, something the quickens the heart. Im fully intoxicated by the colours. And im so eager to know how you made the tubes but maybe the mystery is what you are asking me to feel.


Apr 3, 2014

Thanks Anna those are kind words indeed. I won't go into extreme detail on how I make these pieces because there are too many steps to describe. I will however tell you which materials are used. Perhaps you can deduce from there. The tubes are generally paper towel tubes or toilet paper tubes which have been painted, dyed, sprinkled with salt, sand, and oatmeal. The tubes are further stuffed with dyed yarns and fabrics, or painted and dyed cotton swabs. I also use plaster, styrofoam, and the bottoms of egg cartons just to name some of the materials.

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