Blight install at Collinwood Arts

Experimental art install

Posted Dec 1, 2019

      This Blight install was for a show that centered around the theme of bottles and what our plastic use means for our environment.  Since my artwork is largely concerned with the transformation of waste and household goods into interesting works of art, I decided to use actual plastic bottles (something I normally wouldn't do) and see how I could transform them into small organic sculptures.

     I almost never use plastic because it is difficult to manipulate, alter, and transform. Instead of transforming the material, instead I used each bottle as they were intended -- vessels which hold fluid. They retained their function while simultaneously being transformed into poetic artistic forms. 

      The fluid inside each organic sculpture glowed under ultraviolet light. This meant to evoke a sense of polluted waters. This experimental install was also my first foray into fluorescent properties. 


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