Green Internode #2

Posted Nov 5, 2020
Last Updated Nov 5, 2020
Green Internode #2
72” length x 36” wide x 10” depth
Materials: Fire sculpted cardboard, paint, dye, oatmeal, sand, plaster, Polyfil, cotton swabs, quinoa, and various spices on a wood base.

Nature presents itself in a dizzying array of organic shapes and structures. From the graceful spiral arms of galaxies to the nebulous webs created by tree roots, to the hexagonal geometry of honeycomb – the structures of nature are wondrous creations where beauty meets function, and the repetition of simple patterns give rise to an enigmatic complexity. The emphasis of my artwork is to recreate the grandeur and complexity of natural structures. Whereas some artists paint two-dimensional representations of various flora and fauna onto canvas, my work instead, recreates the structures found in nature by distilling their essence down to an abstracted form and then creating sculptures similar to those forms. Green Internode #2 is named from the parts of plants called internodes. Internodes are the part of a plant or space between two nodes. Nodes are the parts of a plant from which leaves or buds grow.


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