Installation piece.

Posted Aug 23, 2012


Mixed Media Installation.

Approx: 12' long, 3' wide, 2' tall.

Materials: Old log, up-cycled telephone cables, paper, paint, salt, dye, cotton swabs, cardboard tubes, sand, and fabric. 


Before being retired this piece was shown in three different shows as three different incarnations. In successive showings i chose to pare down many of the design elements so as to focus on the log and the beauty of its added adornments. This piece came about by "bringing into" the studio some of the site specific installs I had been creating in various parks around where I live. Most people only get to see photos of those works, so I though it would be interesting to bring one of these works out of nature and into the studio. 

 This piece was later stripped of all its parts, most of which will be re-used later in other art pieces. It now resides in a parking lot at an art complex. There I hope it will slowly decay forever transforming itself into new and exciting natural works.




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