Impossible Gardens

Impossible Gardens at Studio 2091

Posted Jan 21, 2014
The second showing of the Impossible Gardens art show showcased over a dozen artists from Northeast Ohio, all of whom were chosen for this specially themed show. All works were selected for their unique theme which centered around organic styled sculpture and paintings.

My contribution to the show involved my "termitaria" type structures along with my "pyroclastic flow" mini sculptures. These installations created two long flowing organic looking pieces that spanned over eight feet for each piece.

The "termitaria" install involved over a dozen spires and hundreds of smaller "polyp" pieces placed at the base of many of the spires. The inspiration for this piece came from my inquisitiveness concerning termite structures and other structures crafted by both flora and fauna.

The materials used consist of shaped cardboard, paint, dye, salt, cotton swabs, salt, various fabrics and yarns, cardboard tubes, and plaster.

My other installation "pyroclastic flow" was inspired by the various types of volocanic rock which are ejected out of volcanoes after they erupt. My goal was to create a debris field which mimicked a pyroclastic flow.

The materials used for this install consisted of burnt cardboard, paint, dye, salt, and plaster.

In the future I hope to create ever larger structures for these two installs. I also hope to create installs of this type which have a larger footprint in any given location. 2013.


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Daiv R Whaley

Jan 21, 2021

Hi Jonah!!! Wow, I love your work. Oatmeal and dye, huh? Fantastic. Do you know Alexandra Underhill ... i think that's how she spells it. Your work and hers have some similar ideas going on. Anyways, man your stuff is gorgeous! Courtney Cable gave me your name. Daiv Whaley is mine. I do polaroid photography and some performance art and sound art and eco-art. I curate sometimes too and in these days of covid-19, an outdoors, nature/outdoors/eco show seems timely. I live on beautiful Summit Lake in akron, a real blessing. i want to have an exhibit this summer in my big yard and i'd like you to consider being a part your Impossible Gardens work would be perfect and i have just the space for it. i am still working on my site and instagram but you can learn more on me and my art on my facebook page and please, lets talk! - 33.338.5897 - . if ya scroll through you can see my latest series of flowers and satellite dishes i finished this fall. Pax Deus! daiv

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