Pop Up Gallery Show

Posted Jan 21, 2014


Transformations was a Pop Up Gallery show which housed various art works in an under-utilized space in Collinwood Ohio. Multiple artists were asked to showcase thier work which ranged form paintings, to photogrpahy, to installation work, and sculpture.

My piece "Transformations" main goal was to transform small portions of space in the small room given for the install, into small organic looking sculptural forms. Like weeds growing through cracks in pavement or vines taken hold in ruined facades, nature not only fascinates but also embodies a sense of forbodding, for without human intervention, nature quickly consumes what we have erected. Life therefore is always a struggle between transformative processes and ruination, the defining of which depends on who the viewer is.

I like to think of my organic looking installs as nature run amok -- transforming our world from that of a sterile functioning geometry into a world of flowing organic forms which consume as they tirelessly march forward.

Alos for this show, I showcased some of my smaller organic pieces which are not part of any larger installs.  

The show ran in the winter of 2011.  


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