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Posted Jan 31, 2014
Last Updated Jan 31, 2014

Termitaria Install at Mentor Marina Beach Park

The above two pictures are of the first install (on that day) of my "termitaria" structures. I chose a linear construction for my first attempt for I wanted to see how the pieces looked against the natural backdrop.

For the second install I tried clumping them together. As I make more of these pieces in the future, I hope to use them in more complex and intricate patterns. As of now, I still struggle with allowing my works to be more free flowing and hence more "natural" or structured and hence more like a man made sculpture. In other words, I struggle to find the balance between order and more flee flowing chaotic patterns.

For the third and final install I chose a more random placement of the "termitaria" structures. In the future I would like to make these structures much larger so that they will have a more commanding presence when either installed out in nature or in a gallery.

The above install took place at the Mentor Marina Park. To get these pieces down to the beach we (my girlfriend and I) had to haul them in a large lawn wagon about a mile or so down a trail. The hardest part was carrying them down the final steep slope which leads to the beach. I was worried that if I took the wagon down the slope it would either careen out of control or flip over. I am not sure how many trips up and down the hill I made -- enough to make it seem like a considerable work out that is for sure.

In its entirety, the temporary install took several hours to complete. My favorite part of the day is when a couple of children took great delight in what I was doing. They got up close to the work and couldn't resist touching the various pieces. I would like to have taken more time to experiment with other setups of these pieces, but rain clouds threatened in the distance. Good thing I hurried too, for as soon as we got back to the car, it began to sprinkle. Summer 2012.  


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