"Bloom" Install

Site Specific Install in my backyard

Posted Jan 31, 2014

Originally these individual pieces were intended for a larger install at a gallery, but due to time constraints I decided to keep them for a later date. Late in the winter of 2011 however, I decided to do a quick temporary site specific install in my backyard. I thought the blues and purples would really stand out against the white background of the snow. Did two quick installs on this sunny winter day, took some pictures, and packed it all up as fast as I could due to the cold. These pieces are now currently in boxes awaiting a future date when I can hopefully use them in a larger gallery install.

Both of the above pieces are made from clusters of individual pieces glued together in a circular pattern. They are made from recycled scraps of paper which have been dyed and in the middle of each cone is a cotton swab which has been painted and dyed and then glued into place.


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