Lake Erie Bluffs Install

Temporary Site Specific Install

Posted Jan 31, 2014
Last Updated Jan 31, 2014

Lake Erie Bluffs Install

The above pictures are representative of the final layout of the first install of that day. I find that while installing these site specific sculptural pieces, the overall aesthetics is more pleasing when I work fast and don't over-analyze what I am doing. Sometimes as an artist, you just have to have confidence in your brain's ability to have absorbed information in the past, which later flows out just below the surface of conscious thought. Sometimes the best art is made in the moment when the conscious mind is distracted by the process of creation.

I was surprised to see later while going through the pictures that were taken of this install, that while I was installing the numerous pieces, at one point it resembled a heart. I apparently was so caught up in my work that I never noticed. Luckily, during the installation phase I handed my camera over to my girlfriend, who took this photo of the fleeting heart.

One of the elements I truly enjoy in doing multiple piece installation work is that from every angle it takes on new life. The various shades of color and the slight differences in the shape of the individual pieces, blend together while looking at the install from afar. But when viewed from up close, every different angle reveals a new delight.

Some of my favorite pictures of this install are the close-ups of the pieces with the waves lapping on the shore in the background.

Unfortunately, due to my camera battery running out, this was the only picture of the second install. I would like to have tried a few more patterns, but time was running out as the sun was getting low in the sky. Summer 2012.


For more info about the park where this install took place please click on the following link:


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